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Meditation and relaxation helps to bring you back to center...

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Welcome to A Peaceful Path! We are have been the original provider for all your complimentary care options and have continued to offer cutting edge alternative healing therapies and related products for 10+ years to many, many happy clientele in this county and surrounding areas.
We invite you to visit our Event Page regularly for updates on new events. For more information call 910-990-3706.   

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Change when it comes, 
breaks everything open. 
-author unknown

As many of you may know, in May, 2016,
I moved my business home.  Many
of you also know, when the Universe puts into motion those Divine plans for your Higher good, any well-intentioned plans you made will cease to flow. It is at these times we must surrender and pay attention to the messages we are receiving. Often times, physical and elemental things happen to make sure you stop! We have no choice but to be still, awaiting further instruction, feeling for the 'flow' to return to our path. This is the true indicator that you are in sync with your soul plans. 

This is the position I find myself in at the present moment. I have a waiting list of clients that I am unable to serve in the traditional way at this time. My heart has been very heavy over this situation. I finally began to follow my deep knowing, began to be still and stop fighting against the current. Within hours, the 'flow' of thought returned, easing my worries. I am sure there is a higher purpose, a new way to pursue my healer's path. So I morph, regroup, listen to the whispers of the Universe, and wait.

I am immensely and humbly grateful for all the wonderful people, near and far, who have been with me on this journey. I could not have attained all the blessings bestowed upon me without each and every one of you. I will continue to post about these changes on my Peaceful Path Facebook page. I encourage you to continue to follow the journey ...the best is yet to come. 

Sending you all great love...Namaste' 

Bonnie Augustine


Have Bowl, will travel!! 
Let us bring a 
Sound Bath Meditation 
to your group of 6 or more! 
Call for information 
@ 910-990-3706 . 


 We still have your favorite items available such as our herbal teas, crystals, incense, essential oils and natural soaps. 
Coming Soon!! 
You will be able to shop with us directly from our website! 
Browse all our wonderful products from the comfort of  home and have your favorites
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Relaxation is the key to health...
What is your idea of relaxation? Has it been so long since you have totally relaxed body, mind, and spirit that you have forgotten how?  It is our pleasure to help you reconnect to that feeling...to give you the tools to relax whenever you need it, no matter where you are.

With decades of combined experience and a passion for holistic living, our team of dedicated healers  will help guide you along a path of natural health, offering some of today's most requested and sought after alternative healing methods. Call us for info about Meditation classes and sessions, Sound Therapy, Reiki, and Crystal therapy.  New events are always being added, so please check back often!

We believe that our community's needs are of the utmost importance as we to bring a growing array of alternative healing methods to meet those needs. You no longer have to drive long distances out of town or purchase expensive membership packages. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best personalized service possible.

We offer custom hand-blended and Reiki-infused organic herbal teas made specifically for personal health needs. We have available local and fair-trade hand crafted jewelry, hand crafted soaps, medicinal herbs and teas, incense, natural gemstones and crystals that soothe the soul, delight the spirit, and bring a smile to the face...

Please visit our pages that give you information on each of our healing services...we look forward to talking with you about any questions you may have...as you seek a peaceful path...

Donalds, SC 29638

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