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Our Retail Products and their story....
This is a list of products that are normally available. But we love surprises, so you never know what new or temporary additions and variations may await you when you visit! We look forward to seeing you! Namaste'... 

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Other days by chance or by appointment
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Earth Speaks Herbals. Exclusively ours, these custom blended herbal teas, incenses, and tokens are mixed in-house just for your healing and relaxation needs. Our products are hand blended with organic herbs and Reiki-infused to assure excellence in taste and healing properties. Free consultations and thorough instruction on use are always part of helping you heal naturally! 

Essential oils by Nature's Oils  - Affordable, pure, 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils for all your healing needs. If we don't have the one you need, we will be glad to order it for you! We have carrier oils as well as oil burners and diffusers. We will be happy to recommend a great blend recipe to enjoy! New to essential oils? You will always be guided in the safest ways to use your oils by our knowledgeable staff. Essential oils are strong medicines...and we treat them as such! Questions about your oils? Give us a call! 

Prabhujis Gifts, formerly Ramakrishnananda Products. Incense sticks and resins, burners, charcoals, yoga/meditation shawls, mala beads, meditation music, perfume attars, smudging herbs. Beautiful fair-trade products, lovingly crafted to enhance your spiritual growth and help provide for others through your purchase. http://www.prabhujisgifts.com/

Natural gemstones and mineral specimens, natural gemstone jewelry. Visit our STONE GROVE Shopfor hand - picked gemstones and jewelry to take home and enrich the energy around you and your surroundings. We do not order bulk stones or specimens. All our stones are personally chosen carefully for their beauty and spiritual healing qualities. Need information about a stone's qualities? We can teach you how to choose the stone best suited for you. 

Tibetan bowls, prayer flags, wall banners, Nepalese jewelry, recycled silk scarves, pashmina silk wraps, meditation shawls and more. Fair-trade products that help to support the Bishwa Seva Foundation - 

Sunshine Joy Wall Tapestries and stickers. (Available only at festival events)  Everyone can find a use for these beautiful wall tapestries...curtains, tablecloths, bed covers. The ideas are limitless! Students love them in their dorm, Mom loves them in her meditation room! Come by and see how we decorate with them.

Soap Fairies natural soaps.The Soap Fairies are the combination of two South Carolinian Herbalists Scarlet Bellew and Jody Levin. They blend French Milled Castille Soap handmade for psoriasis and eczema, as well as custom blended and custom scented soaps and lotions for every skin type and personal preference. 

Hugs and Kisses Doll Repair and Fairy Lair - Our doll hospital has 20+ years experience with all types of doll repair and restoration, antique to modern. We have repaired dolls from as close as next door and as far away as the UK. Composition cleaning and wig restoration as well as repairing antique eye works are a specialty. Clothing carefully cleaned and repaired. (Regretfully, at this time, we are not able to provide replacement costuming.) We also repair stuffed fabric lovies. Free estimates. Mail order work accepted. Appraisals available. Insurance work. Doll accessories, wigs, shoes, stands, etc. available for purchase.

We also rescue surrendered fairies in need of new homes. Sometimes folks move and downsize or decide that it's time to pass the blessings of their Fae on to someone new. You will be delighted in our growing selection of the wee ones in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Have some you need to relocate? Give us a call.

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