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What if you could tuck some happy spiritual energy in your pocket to make you smile all day? You can! Come visit our awesome Stone Grove shop that is a dedicated space for gemstone and rock sales to see the beautiful variety of rocks, gems, and related jewelry we have in stock, waiting to soothe, heal, and delight! All of our stones are hand-picked, smudged for energetic clarity, and lovingly displayed. Blue quartz, jaspers, jades, selenite, aquamarines, Goddess stones, obsidians and countless more await to be given a home. Hand-crafted bracelets, rings, and orgonite can be found. Need a stone wrapped to wear? We can do that, too!


We offer Crystal Therapy sessions by appointment.. Watch for upcoming classes/groups that teach you about stones and the chakra system, how to make your own crystal grids, using a pendulum, and even how to use stones to improve water so that it truly nourishes your body. We will be offering fun events such as animal totem readings, intuitive readings, and crystal peace meditations. We also carry incense, smudging supplies, and as always...unexpected trinkets and treasures! Come hang out and let us help you rock your day!! 

For more info or to book an appt. call 


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